I'm glad you decided to visit.

I hope this will be a step in the direction of  increased happiness, integration, self awareness, skill, understanding, and confidence for you. 

Making a decision to enter into therapy can be challenging. You want to feel better than you do, or improve your relationships, or stop some behaviors that are hurting you or the people you care about. You want something to change for the better.

Or you want support when experiencing difficult times.

These are all very good reasons for enlisting the help of a trained and experienced counselor.

Some General Things About Therapy

Here's some good news:   good therapy really works.                           

We can say that therapy is about gaining understanding, healing trauma and becoming more safely and peacefully embodied, employing new perspective, building new skills, setting some goals, and solving some problems. I assume you want to figure things out a bit, feel at home in your own skin, get a handle on what you can do about certain things, experience some success in making changes, and feel better about yourself.

That's what I want for you, too. Please read on to familiarize yourself with my perspective on counseling and therapy, and then, if it resonates with you, give me a call today.