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I am on sabbatical from September  24, 2015, extending at least until April 2016, and possibly longer. Thanks for visiting.

If you've come even this far, you must be aware that you probably need some help with something that's not quite working in your life. Great.

You want to feel better than you do, or improve your relationships, or stop some behaviors that are hurting you or the people you care about. You want something to change for the better.

Or you want support during hard times.

A General Statement About Therapy:

    Good therapy actually works.  

We might as well get right to the point.

Give me a call so we can hear each others' voices and feel each other out, and decide whether to meet for a first, free in-person session. Or if you prefer, you can email me.


No charge. No risk. Nothing to lose.   

I have 18 years of professional experience in Santa Fe. I might be able to help.